National Design Code: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Design is currently a hot topic of debate, with the Government consulting on a national design guide and the use of design codes to deliver 'beauty'.

The requirement for development to achieve a well-designed and safe built environment has long been a key principle of sustainable development, but the Government's commitment to the concept of beauty and a new set of tools to deliver it signals a step-change in approach.

Beauty means different things to different people and so what opportunities and challenges do the changes being proposed present for different sectors? Or are the tools to achieve beautiful places already in place but by a different name?

In this webinar Richard Cooke and David Pendle, Associate Director's at Marrons Planning are in conversation with an expert guest panel regarding:

What is "beautiful"
Whether the proposed changes will make a positive impact on the places that we are able to deliver.
Our speakers
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