Secured planning permission
for care home

Marrons Planning successfully secured planning permission for an 80 bed care home in the West Midlands Green Belt in 2017.

We were brought into the project by the scheme architect, and prepared a planning statement to support the application.  The statement addressed the Green Belt designation and considerations that outweighed the harm caused by building in the Green Belt.

We represented the application at planning committee.  Whilst officers had recommended that planning permission be refused, the Planning Committee accepted that the need for specialist care accommodation outweighed the harm the development would cause to the openness of the Green Belt.  Members resolved to grant planning permission and the development was completed in 2020.

Planning permission has since been secured phase on adjacent land.  This comprises a 62 bed care home designed to provide accommodation for specialist dementia care.  This application was also recommended for refusal by planning officers, but again members accepted that there was a further need for this type of accommodation and resolved to grant planning permission.

Planning permission
bed care centre

Planning Applications

For many people thinking about making changes to their land or property, permission from the council is often needed, but knowing exactly what you need to do and how you can apply can be complex. We can help you understand the entire planning process, estimate the likely planning application fees, as well as manage the communication with the council too.